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How to prepare I-9 Form Process Flowchart

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Fill in the sample
Fill in the sample step by step, writing accurate information. If you have a signature place, add your signature by sketching or typing it.
E-file the document
You can skip printing and submit your papers on the web by means of electronic mail. Talk with the specific regulators if the form is accepted electronically.

About I-9 Form Process Flowchart

If the I-9 is positive, it indicates that the applicant has been employed. However, the I-9 is not an accurate measure of employment eligibility because employers can change employment status at any time, and persons can be denied employment based on falsified or fictitious I-9s. Employing children is illegal in the US. According to the National Institute of Child Care, the US Child Labor Prevention Act of 1998 bars child labor in all sectors of the economy. Child labor, however, is particularly prevalent in the child care sector, which requires children to be supervised in a home. A study of 1.8 million children under age five found that over half were working at home. One fourth of these children (25 percent) worked in a restaurant, a second-highest rate of child work in the US. Children are often trafficked within the US for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. According to the US Department of Labor: “[A]none under 21 of legal age is prohibited from performing sexual services. In other words, the statute applies to all sex trafficking, regardless of where the sex trafficking takes place. A child involved in the sex trade cannot sue the person who trafficked him or her. Nor can a child sue the sex trafficker, under either federal or state law. In cases where a child is trafficked in the sex industry or forced into the sex trade, the trafficker (victim's) may also be protected by Title IX, which bars sex discrimination in the schools students attend, in violation of the Supreme Court's decision in Regan v. Doe. Federal statute criminalizes sex trafficking and violations of a person's civil rights due to sex trafficking or forced labor. In addition to Title IV of the Violence Against Women Act, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, also known as the Tom Santos Human Rights Act, and the Hate Crime Statistics Act. The US Department of State's Office of the Legal Adviser addresses these topics in their publication “US Government Policy on Human Rights.” Sex trafficking has become common in the US. According to the federal government, about 20,000 child sex trafficking cases were reported in 2012, while one in five children were identified as child victims of sex trafficking by the Department of Health and Human Services. The State Department's annual reports to Congress provide information on human trafficking in each country.

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FAQ - I-9 Form Process Flowchart

What is the purpose of I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
The purpose of I-9 Form Process Flowchart is to illustrate how to conduct I-9 review for employees without actually having to perform the review. I-9 Flowchart can be of great help in identifying and eliminating employees for review to avoid undue impact on their job/job performance. I-9 Flowchart also can be used to help you to prepare and document work orders to facilitate employee review. Please note that this is to guide employee review and review is not a substitute for the individual judgment that makes one excellent or not the best fit for your business. For more on the purpose of I-9 Form Process Flowchart see the following links: How to Use I-9 Process Flowchart? I-9 Review Process Flowchart (IPR) includes several key steps which can be used as the basis of I-9 review process, however, they can also be used independently. For employees and employers alike, I-9 is usually the first step taken when reviewing employee's documents for compliance with laws and/or regulations. Therefore, I-9 can help increase efficiency and cut costs which helps in reducing risk and speeding up delivery of services to the customer / patient / patient's employee. Here is the sequence as seen from I-9 review process flowchart: Step 1: Identify and gather business information that pertain to the person being reviewed for I-9 review. Step 2: Find the I-9 information at the business or individual's work location (Employer) (Business Location). Step 3: Copy the business information which pertains to the individual review process into a single file for review. Step 4: Review the I-9 information in the single file for compliance and accuracy using the rules of the I-9 Form (I-9 Form). Step 5: Identify the required information from the I-9 Form that pertains to the employee / business relationship and file it on the employee/Business Location (Employee) (Business Location). Step 6: If the employee is a manager, file additional information, review, and then file the I-9 Form. Step 7: If the employee is not a manager but has supervisor status, file additional information, review and then file the I-9 Form.
Who should complete I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
All employees performing or involved in any way in the preparation, distribution, production or evaluation of records, papers, or documents should complete this form. Employee: Date of birth: (required of foreign born employees) Present country identification Current employee's company Position/office Position title, division and type Name of supervisor Work location: City: State: (required of foreign born employees) State Work Phone Number: Other phone contact information (email account/office phone). (required of foreign born employees) Note This form can be used as the starting point for an employee's immigration review. If a U.S. based foreign-born employee is involved or concerned about their employment eligibility, or they believe a law, policy, or practice may contravene the law, he/she will require documentation from a representative or person in his/her country of residence confirming an appropriate immigration status for the employee at the time of entry into the U.S. You can obtain information on the immigration status of an employee by using the following list of links.
When do I need to complete I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
All employees. You are required, under OPM's regulations, to fill out the I-9 form with each new hire. This is the form you must submit with every new hire as part of your annual I-9 form. The form has to be submitted by the close of each fiscal year you employ more than 20 people, unless, at the time, you decide to hire only a certain percentage of the people you are planning to employ. How do I fill out I-9 Form Process Flowchart? First, you will have to identify every employee you want to add to your employee handbook. This can be done with a few steps. The first thing to do is to write down each of those employees' names, their dates of birth, their social security cards for identification, and their current jobs. It also helps to think about whether the employees will be able to take care of themselves while working for you. For example, do all your employees have car keys? If they are going to work at the company for more than 10 years, you may want to consider whether each of them will be able to maintain a car of their own to transport their belongings, books, or documents back and forth to and from work. You may also want to think about what the employees need to do on a regular basis while at the office. For example, will all the employees be expected to write daily newsletters? Next, you have to fill out the relevant sections using the following chart. Once you have completed everything in your employee handbook, you will need to prepare the original and a copy of the I-9 Form and sign it. After you have all the information you need, you can start processing. First, you must make sure that all of your employees are actually covered by the law. This can be difficult because each country has its own rules for what to do when something goes wrong. For example, if you do not have an in-house lawyer, or do not have a designated representative to handle your I-9 form, you must hire a person to handle it. It is a good idea to consult two attorneys to help. The next step involves setting up a system to track the information you receive from your employees. This could be via a service like ICL, which will automatically take care of all the tasks involved. You also need to make sure that you track how much money you are spending on each employee.
Can I create my own I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
Yes, you can design your own I-9 form flowchart and send it in when we open for business to help us help you. But please be sure to include your name, email address, and the address of the employer in your document when you submit it. We will only consider creating you our forms in your case if you submit a valid I-9 form in your name. What do I do if I see my job title, employment number, payroll/filing dates, etc. on a non-US I-9 Form? This information is not considered confidential under the Federal Privacy Act. You are welcome to share it with any of your coworkers who may be interested in working with you. We will respect your privacy when we process the I-9 and will not disclose it to third parties. What will the I-9 forms contain? All I-9 submissions received will be available in our I-9 Workplace Portal. The portal is an auditable and confidential way for employees and employers to upload I-9 data, answer questions, or review the I-9 information they may have. While the portal will not allow you to make any adjustments to the information submitted on the form, it does provide a way for you to review and amend information. What is a wage statement, and how does it relate to I-9 Form submissions? The wage statement is the final and definitive salary payment record. It is used to show each employee was paid what is actually owed for all the hours worked in a given month. If an employee completes an I-9 form, they are automatically asked for a wage statement. If an employer requests the wage statement, each employee is required to provide the wage statement before the employer can submit the final I-9. Therefore, an employee's wage statement is the key to determining how much each employee was paid during the pay period. If an employee fails to provide their wage statement, the employer should be able to request a wage statement from another employer that has a prior payroll of the job where the employee works. How does the OEB compare to the IRS, and does it affect my wages? The wage statement is a legally required document issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is separate from the IRS.
What should I do with I-9 Form Process Flowchart when it’s complete?
When your employer (or the government for that matter) processes your I-9 Form process flowchart, it is highly recommended that your employer or agency contact the appropriate agency or authority to verify the information provided. If you suspect that an employer or agency has received your incomplete or incorrect I-9, we strongly recommend contacting the agency or authority that received the I-9 Form. If the I-9 form is returned directly to the agency or authority, your employer may be unable to confirm its accuracy. You may also contact our office to discuss your issue. If you prefer that your form not be forwarded to the agency or authority, you can provide a copy of your I-9 form directly to your employer or agency along with instructions on how to send it back through our office. After providing instructions, fill out the “Request Back Information” section with the agency or authority and include your signature. We cannot charge you for correcting this Form process flowchart if you contact us after the date of this letter, if the reason you have for not completing your I-9 Form process flowchart is not a matter of pressing concern that requires immediate attention to, or has already been addressed. Your employer or agency will typically notify you directly within three business days. In some instances, however, your employer or agency may not provide you information on when the agency/authority may receive your I-9 document due to the complexity of the case.
How do I get my I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
Once you've completed your I-9 for your state, then you can print off the I-9 Process Flowchart to see how the federal government processes your request. I had some questions regarding my request, would you please tell me how to contact them? If you'd like to contact a specific federal agency on my behalf you can click here to call them to request your Form 2440, Request for Information. How would I use this Form? You could print off the chart and submit it at a request center, mail it in, sign it and mail it to a government agency, or fax it in. We recommend you use the online form to ensure you request a form. You could also print and mail this form to any federal agency from your desktop or laptop. How much time do I have to fill out the form? You have 30 days from the mailing date of the form to complete the required information. How many forms per page do some pages request? Only one-page request is allowed. This process makes it easy for you to request all your forms from the same page! What if I make a mistake on the form? Make sure you follow the letter and the spirit of the form, otherwise, the form will not process. If you're still not satisfied, please contact us, so we can resolve your issue. How do I print off the I-9 Form Process Flowchart online? If you are unable to print the form from your browser, you can view the form online by clicking here. Download this PDF template document into a Word or PDF format using the button below. Click on the PDF form you want to download. It will print into a 51.5” x 8.5” file. Note: If you want to print more than 2 pages on a sheet of paper or use a large print area on your computer, please purchase a PDF printer. Download a PDF, print it out and then cut into multiple pages. To download a PDF printer, please go to the Adobe website and click on Print Page Order. Please Note: This software may not be compatible with your browser. If you can't print from your browser, you can download this file.
What documents do I need to attach to my I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
A copy of your official I-9 form, completed and signed by you, or a copy of your I-9 form from your employer. Is there an annual fee that must be paid when I file an I-9 online? Yes. A one-time 50.00 filing fee is charged to the applicant who files in person or by mail. The fees increase based on the number of pages required and the file type. The filing fee for documents filed by mail is based on the number of pages required and must meet the same filing fee requirements that apply to I-9 forms on file. More information about filing fees is available in the Federal Rules, which are available here. What paperwork items must I file with my I-9? All document filings are processed by the Social Security Administration on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please see the process flowchart below. Is there an opportunity to make changes on my I-9 Form? Yes. If you wish to amend something on your immigration petition, you must file a new I-9 form if you previously submitted it. There is no option for a review of that previously filed form. What is a Petition for a Temporary Work Authorization? When you get a PWA petition, the Social Security Administration will review your eligibility for temporary travel or employment status based on your employment in the United States. Your PWA petition must be accompanied by all necessary documents and must include: The legal name of the beneficiary. The beneficiary's passport number The date the petition was filed Proof of U.S. citizenship/citizenship status Does my employer or former employer have to file an I-9 form with the Department of Homeland Security? No. Does my employer or former employer have to file an I-9 forms with the Social Security Administration? Yes. The employer or former employer has to file either an Employment Eligibility Verification or I-94 with DHS. I'm married, have a child, or separated from my employer and still have a Social Security number that is not my spouse's or child's, do I need to file under an SSN? No.
What are the different types of I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
The process flowchart is also called I-9 Process Flowchart. As the process flowchart, it is the key to identify the steps required to implement the various forms filed in the Immigration Forms Section at USCIS. Also, it provides an overview of the components involved through each form type. There are four types of I-9. They are: 1. Standard Form I-9: the most commonly used I-9 form. This form is generally used when employers have provided the necessary documentation. 2. Non-Standard I-9: forms are not required at all. This type of I-9 form has specific requirements and does not require any other documentation. For example, the form is applicable when the employer does not file any of the applicable forms, or if any of the applicable documents are not in English. 3. Standard I-9 Requested by Non-U.S. Citizens: this form is required for non-resident aliens. Also known as “Employment Authorization Form” or EAD Form, these forms are generally filed when an alien, or a non-citizen who is an employee or independent contractor employee for an employer, requests an I-9 form. The type of non-resident's request affects the specific type of information on the I-9 Form. 4. Non-Standard I-9 Requested by Employers: the next most common I-9 form. This form is generally filed when an employer has provided the necessary documentation and has a valid “waiver” for the requirement of filing the I-9. This form must be in a sealed envelope. Each employer or entity must make a separate request of USCIS for I-9 Form for each new employee that enters into an employment relationship with the employer prior to the date on which the I-9 would be required. However, USCIS can accept or deny an employer's request to grant a waiver based on various factors. You can check with your HR personnel at the hiring company before making a request for I-9 Form. The process flowchart provides a great start in form identification. Use the chart if this type of information is required in every form for which you are going to file for review. The process flowchart is a guide to aid with the application process for an employer.
How many people fill out I-9 Form Process Flowchart each year?
For 2008, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) conducted a detailed analysis on the number of aliens who fill out I-9 form and who are arrested or charged. The number of those arrests and charges of being inadmissible to the U.S. has actually increased from the 2007 number. From 2008 through 2013, the number of aliens apprehended when they were trying to enter the U.S., those who were detained, or those who were arrested after crossing the border are estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000 per year. The overall apprehension rate declined from 10 arrests per 1 million resident aliens (non-immigrants) in 2007 to 4 arrests per 1 million residents in 2013. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) states that approximately 2 million U.S. resident aliens overstayed their visas in 2012 (see “U.S. Consular Investigations Reaches End as Border Fence Costs Rise.” How many immigrants are deported because of criminal activity? The total number of immigrants deported because of criminal activity fell between 2007 and 2011 because many immigrants who had entered the U.S. illegally overstayed and became undocumented. In 2011, there were 1.6 million deportations, which includes the roughly 800,000 immigrants who were in this country illegally. At the end of 2011, there were 2.5 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally, excluding the approximately 800,000 immigrants who became undocumented during the first seven months of 2011. Source: Calculations based on data sources. Are there differences in how U.S. citizens and immigrants are dealt with by ICE? Not generally. However, the Obama Administration's 2014 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is a unique program to grant work permits and in-state tuition for eligible immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children. While it should be mentioned that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal government agency responsible for immigration, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for homeland security. For more information about DACA, please see DHS-USCIS.
Is there a due date for I-9 Form Process Flowchart?
The I-9 is an individual application form that contains the Form 910 forms and instructions to be completed by the applicant. These forms may be submitted after the close of the employment relationship with your new employer if you wish to continue with your work. However, they are required if you are applying for any type of new job within 1 year of the date of employment or if you are reapplying for any job within 2 years of employment. You may check the status of an application in “Employment” section of I-9 Status Check. Note: It is not required to complete all the Form 910 forms for the same employers. For example, the I-9 Form 910 may not be completed for the same employer or for multiple employers. Therefore, you may not submit a complete I-9 Form 910 form through Employment Status Check if your employment is subject to verification. How do I submit the I-9 Form? To submit the I-9 Form, click on the “Download Form” button under the “Filing” tab of the “I-9 / Application” box. You may need to use Adobe Reader to view or print the PDF file. Once you click on the file “Download Form” you will be prompted to save a file at the URL “I-9 / Application”. To upload the application file or complete any forms, navigate “File” tab and select “Save file”. The “File” tab of “I-9 / Application” box contains a drop-down menu to select “Submit application”, “Download Form”, “View Form” or “Print”. Select the “Submit Application” option. Click on the “Browse” tab of the “Submit Application” box. You will be presented with the “Upload Form” and “View Form” dialog boxes. Select the “Upload Form” button to load the completed Form 910(s) onto the computer or to open the “View Form” file to verify the submitted information by typing additional information (or “signing”. If you are not required to fill out the application, submit it to the employer electronically using the “File” tab and select the “File Upload” or “Open File”. If you are required to fill out the application (e.g. as a substitute for a previous employment) enter the information manually.
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