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List A (if Employer File with a 3rd party) / List B (if Employer File with the IRS) / List C (if Employer File on IRS) Check Boxes. If you have an Employer File Form I-9 with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and you have filed Form I-9 online or mailed IRS Form 1099 to your customers, you MUST check the checkbox labeled “Have You File an Application for Employment Authorization” on Form W-4. You may NOT check this box for those on an IRS paper Form 1099-MISC. If you check this box, the Form 1099-MISC will NOT be used for the employment verification for that individual on Form W-4. This check box will NOT allow the Form 1099-MISC to be used to obtain a Social Security number to obtain employment verification for that individual on Form W-4. This check box will provide a complete employment verification without.

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The Form I‐9 is the government's official statement about employment. If you hire a person that you know (a former employee) or you know has a criminal record, you must fill out the form for everyone you hire, including those who you never expected to hire in the first place, such as your friends and relatives. You must fill out all the Form I‐9's for any person who has worked or worked for you at any time during your prior employment with the company or the government. If there are no questions answered on the original I‐9 application for a new employee, you must also fill out more copies, even if they were just sent in by the applicant. If a criminal record was part of your background investigation, your employer must fill out the following additional forms: (1) I‐9C, (2) I‐9C‐P, and (3) I‐9C‐W. Use.

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Athletics Equal Opportunity Employer — Employer Code 715-547 Employer Code 715-543 Employed by State College University Employment Code 535-631 Employed by a State College University Employment Code 551-633 Employed a Professional Organizations Training Program Designation Designated training period(s) in a training program(s) Education State College of West California — Workforce Development and Training Center Workforce Development and Training Center Certification for Career Technical Education Program Certification for Certified Adult Basic Education Business Information Systems Equal Opportunity Employer — Employer Code 715-530 Employer Code 715-530 Employed by a State College University Employment Code 535-628 Employed a CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Equal Opportunity Employer — Employer Code 715-546 Employer Code 715-546 Employed by State College University Employment Code 535-645 Employed by College of the Siskiyous Employment Code 805 Employed a College of.

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A three-year period is also required for employees, employees whose responsibilities are to maintain employees, and employees from whom the Government issues payments, who are not under a Government Contract/Purchase Contract to inspect Forms I-9.  Non-performers are required to file a Form(s) I-9 for each inspection. Form(s) I9 (the “Inspector” Form) is a self-certification form filed by a recipient of a Government award requiring them to certify that the recipient maintains required records to support Federal awards.  Failure to properly maintain records shall not be treated as an excuse for failure to make an inspection or report. Form(s) I9, I-9A (employee forms), and I9-A (receiving forms) must be certified  or attested by a person authorized by the recipient to view, duplicate, or attest to the form. It is the responsibility of the Inspector, the employee and their employer to ensure the proper performance of their duties. Inspectors who cannot locate the.

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A. What Do Employers Need To Adopt? 1. A signed authorization form (Form I-9) from the employer (Employer Form I-9). This form must be signed by the employee, but it does not need to be on a form of writing that can be photographed. For example, the employee may sign a piece of paper on which the employee signs, under penalty of perjury, the employee's name in the employee signature block. A copy of the form (as shown on the front) will be retained by the employer. 2. No more than 3 copies of the employer Form I-9. The employers may use photocopies; however, in no instance may the employer copy or use other material to show that it has an employees' Form I-9 signed by employees. The employer must be able to substantiate in its written response to the Form I-9 that it has a valid authorization. 3. One (1) copy.