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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to fill out an i9 with a driver's license

Instructions and Help about How to fill out an i9 with a driver's license

This has been the most shocked I've been with an apple system in a long long time hey guys it's max for max tech today I'm answering the biggest question that a lot of you guys asked and that I'm curious about myself does the bring a new 2022 iMac with the i-9 processor eight core 16 threats up to five gigahertz does this thing over heat or thermal throttle a lot of the previous imax thermal draw DeLand those are four core processors not eight cores like this one so Apple made a big jump but the actual design hasn't changed at all and we still have a one single fan inside of this machine and the first thing I did is open TG Pro and I saw that the fan speed is actually the same 2700 rpm maximum as we had with a 2022 model and I maxed it out when the fan sounds exactly the same so it hasn't changed that's weird cuz the 2022 version actually was a little bit faster let's start out with Geekbench 4 I'm gonna run the test here and what I'm looking for is what's the maximum that the CPU is running at so here we saw four point seven eight I believe was the max and what I really want to see is how close to that 5 gigahertz can we get now intel has been playing a lot of tricks lately with the previous 2022 it was rated from 4.2 bass up to 4.5 not that big of a difference and this one's going from 3.6 upto 5.0 and their advertising max performance numbers if you're only using one core and if your computer is running really cool that's hard with an iMac so far I've seen a maximum of looks like maybe 4.8 we haven't hit 5 gigahertz yet but we're close and I'm happy because with the MacBook Pro that had the i9 that didn't even happen that went up to I think four point eight or four point nine gigahertz and what I personally want to see and what I'm hoping for is that we don't have the same situation with the I&I Macs as we did with the MacBook Pros where I returned my eye 9 MacBook Pro because there is really no performance gain compared to even the base processor because of that huge amount of thermal throttling so now I have Cinebench r15 open this is gonna max out the CPU it's gonna allow the fans to kick up the system's gonna heat up and we're gonna see what kind of performance we can get and if it starts dipping down if you know the system gets too hot let's go ahead and run the CPU test here and I'm gonna keep an eye on the max four point seven zero wow that's higher than I expected so the maximum clock speed under full load is 4.7 that's pretty good sometimes that's.

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