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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who can be an authorized representative for i 9

Instructions and Help about Who can be an authorized representative for i 9

Hey guys it's Kate from Audia if you receive this email someone you know has downloaded the audio app and created an account to start picking up jobs to verify their eligibility to work in the United States they must complete a form i-9 they have already submitted section 1 with their documents and information they've chose you to act as an authorized representative to verify section 2 all you have to do is meet up with this person they're going to show you their documents and the information that they submit for section one and you'll input the required information into section two using the provided link once section two is submitted their account will be verified and they can start picking up jobs on our app I'm going to walk you through the steps now you're going to receive a link to log in to form i-9 section two and a login ID you may want to copy this ID now and click on the link here you'll type in your first and last name and paste in that ID and click login now you're going to see section one of their form i-9 this is what they just submitted on their own scroll down to section 2 where it asks for the employer or authorized representative this is the section that you will need to submit for them it's going to ask you for the document title you can choose a passport or list B and C documents so for a passport these are the fields that you will enter if you're not using a passport click B and C documents give these a read through and select the ones that they're showing you right now in person for this example I'm using a passport select issuing authority and choose Department of State or US passport agency next you'll type in the document number here along with the expiration date you'll scroll down to the bottom it's going to ask for the employees first day of employment you can use today's date here next field is for title of employer or authorized representative so type in your relationship to this person it will ask you for a signature validation this is the final screen so your first and last name you'll get a security question I'm gonna stick with what is your mother's name and type it in lastly you'll assign the document and that's it you just helped your friend verify their audio account and now they can picking up jobs on the app to learn more about audio and how to download the app create an account and start booking jobs head to wwe.com thank you so much and have a great day.

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